Welcome to Youth Academy’s Volunteering Page!

At Youth Academy it is part of our program’s DNA to give back to our community! In return we find that our community often looks for opportunities to reciprocate. We are always being asked “How can I help?” from alumni, parents, and community members. Well if you have found your way to this page you have found your answer!

We always tell students that they change a room just by being present and it is no different with you! We would love to have you be present during programming to lend a hand, facilitate a discussion, share your story or passion, or even just observe.

Below is a list of opportunities that we would love volunteer support for. To sign up:
*Click on the event type
– Most (college tours, fun nights, class meetings) can be signed up for individually
– Some (tutoring) we are looking for volunteers to commit on an on-going basis
*Choose your date and time
*Youth Academy Staff will contact you to talk specifics!

Be sure to check back often as other events will be added monthly!

**Please note that ALL volunteers will be subject to background check
**Youth Academy reserves the right to evaluate and terminate any volunteer at will