Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Since opening in 1989, Dynamy Youth Academy has met or exceeded its goals for increased educational outcomes by creating a culture of high academic and personal achievement where:

  • High school graduation is a given as a step to higher education:
  • 98% of DYA students graduated high school, compared to 77% district-wide
  • Matriculation to college is an expected, life-altering opportunity:
  • 95% of DYA graduates matriculated to college, compared to 65% district-wide
  • Graduates are equipped to persist to degree completion:
  • 73% of DYA graduates have earned a college degree in 6 years (or are on track to do so), compared to just 39% nationally!

It Takes a Village

While our students deserve individual kudos one and all, these successes would not be possible without the support over two and a half decades of committed staff members, volunteers, and internship sponsors. Similarly these opportunities and achievements would not be possible without the contributions of our private foundations\corporations and our individual donors, as well as the eight member colleges of the Worcester Consortium who award a 100% tuition scholarship for DYA graduates (renewable for four years).

While we are proud of those educational outcomes, we also know that those numbers do not tell the whole story. Students also report growth in confidence and belief in oneself, an appreciation for working across differences and using one’s voice to better one’s Community, and often say that their lives are better for having attended. Our Alumni, too, spread the impact, as many have gone into educational and human service fields, or helped others in their family to pursue a college degree as well.

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