Youth Jobs Rally, a Student Perspective

A couple of weeks ago a group of students and staff went to the Youth Jobs Rally in Boston. We asked one of our freshmen students who attended the rally to write about her experience. Below is the Youth Jobs Rally from the perspective of Beshair.

Youth Jobs Rally

The first place we went in Boston is the church. In the church, there were so many youth. There were almost 130 students from Worcester and that shows that youth really care about having jobs. I was so surprised by how many youth stood up when the girl said, “stand up if you or someone you know have been arrested” and when she said “stand up if you ever experienced homelessness”. Most of the youth are suffering because they can’t find jobs to get enough money or to do something good if they don’t have anything to do.

I enjoyed marching and saying phrases like “What do we want? Youth jobs! And when do we want it? Now!” I felt like we as youth have a voice and if we want to change something we have the power to change it. In the State house we met with the aide of Senator Michael Moore. We talked about how important youth jobs are and giving youth the opportunity to have responsibilities. We talked about youth growing into  adults by having jobs that give them experience. It was a cool experience.

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