Support Check In, Community Meeting and Instagram

Words of Wisdom for the Week!

“Whatever help you can give, no matter how small, will be of immense benefit. As we say in Tibet, the ocean is made of many small drops of water.”

Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche


Support Month Check In

How is everyone doing? Have you been checking in with your support buddy this month? I wanted to take some time to pause and ask some questions to help us think about how to ask for help.

First, do you know what you need? Do you need a listening ear, a hug or someone to just be with you so you aren’t alone with your thoughts? Think about the times your have felt most supported, what was it about that situation that made you feel supported?

Second, recognize that you are worthy of support. Are you that person who is always helping everyone but often feels neglected? Recognize that you can receive support as well as give it.

Third, ask for support. This is a tough one but this is a risk that can lead to great reward. Remember to ask different people for support, some people are really good listeners but aren’t crazy about giving hugs. While a staff member can provide you with wisdom from our years of experience.

Be bold, be brave, know what you need and ask for support because you are worthy of it.



Youth Academy now has an Instagram account! Be sure to follow us @DynamyYAonIG


Upcoming Events

Community Meeting will be held at the YWCA from 3:00pm-6:00pm. This community meeting will be a little different than normal for a variety of reasons. First, we will be joined by the Hope Coalition thanks to a member of our freshmen class, Jose R. who is a part of the Hope Coalition. They will be coming to host a focus group around equity in education. Second, the president and CEO of YOUInc will be joining us because he has heard so many great things about Youth Academy and he wanted an opportunity to meet everyone! It is going to be a great time, can’t wait to see you there!

On February 5th a great fusion of eating and helping people will occur in the form of a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for the Extended College Tour. Tickets are on sale now for $15 per person. Children under the age of 12 eat free. Come and have a ton of fun while supporting the students who are going on the ECT!


Tutoring at Clark

Now is a great time to take advantage of free tutoring at Clark. Just a reminder that tutoring is mandatory for anyone with a 75 or below. Do you have a grade of 75 or below? Don’t worry; be happy because you are required to attend tutoring at Clark to get some extra help to bring that grade up! But where do I go? So glad you asked! Come to Clark University! We will be having tutoring help along with Upward Bound. Tutoring will be held in the Jonas Clark building. On Wednesdays tutoring is located in the following rooms, JC 105 (Computer Lab), JC 206 and JC 218. On Thursdays it is located in rooms JC 102 and Sackler 120. Remember that this is open to ALL of you if you need help with your homework but required of you if you are below a 75 in any class.


Guess what? You can now schedule your February advising! Be sure to schedule some time with some of the coolest advisors around! Space and times go fast so be sure to book your advising soon. Click the link below.



Riddle of the Week

This week’s riddle…

If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?

Last week’s riddle…

What goes up but never goes down?

Answer for last week’s riddle

Your age

The answer can be found in the next blog post. Or if you figure it out, post it In the Facebook Group.




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