Tutoring, Seniors and Riddles

Wise Words for the Week

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right-for you’ll be criticized anyway.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you thought recently, “Man, I wish there was some way to know what is going on at Dynamy?” Worry no longer and click the link below to access the Youth Academy Google Calendar! See all the latest happenings and get involved!

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We are in the first week of November, the leaves are falling, the apple cider is flowing and you need to schedule your advising sessions for the month. Now, if Stacie is your advisor you get to spend your advising sessions with either Lily or Andy. How cool is that?!? Not sure who you should be seeing? Call Andy at 508-873-9096 to find out. Otherwise, please book your advising soon. Click the link below in order to book your appointment for November.

Click me to set up an advising appointment

The quarter ended last Friday, turn to someone and give him or her a high five because you just got through your first quarter of the year! Woohoo! Now, a quick reminder that if you have not turned in your completed grade request forms we need them in sooner rather than later and we thank you in advance for helping us out with this.


Speaking of grades, if your grades are below a 75, you are required to attend tutoring at Clark. But where do I go? So glad you asked! Come to Clark University! We will be having tutoring help along with Upward Bound. Tutoring will be held in the Jonas Clark building. On Wednesdays tutoring is located in the following rooms, JC 105 (Computer Lab), JC 206 and JC 218. On Thursdays it is located in rooms JC 102 and Sackler 120. Remember that this is open to ALL of you if you need help with your homework but required of you if you are below a 75 in any class.


All my Sophisticated Seniors please throw your hands in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care! This Thursday (tomorrow) from 3:00pm-4:30pm is your class meeting! The topic will be MEFA Scholarships, come out and have a great time with your peers, eat some snacks and learn about some great scholarship opportunities.

This week’s riddle…

What travels around the world but stays in one spot?


Last week’s riddle and answer…

If I drink, I die. If I eat, I’m fine. What am I?



The answer can be found in the next blog post. Or if you figure it out, post it In the Facebook Group.

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