Youth Academy

Success in College. Success in Life.

Dynamy Youth Academy (DYA) is an after school, college success and leadership program for promising but underserved Worcester high school students. Current life circumstances (socioeconomic status, first-generation to go to college, language/cultural barriers, etc.) may put our students at risk to fall short of their academic and career potential. Students apply and join in 8th grade, and are supported throughout high school and in their transition to college.

The program’s unique, hands-on, real world educational approach and one-on-one mentoring help our students to strengthen their talents, skills, and confidence. Our student-centered, outside of the traditional classroom design augments the work of the Worcester Public Schools, helping students to further develop both the will (resiliency, self-advocacy, perseverance) and the skill (academic knowledge, study habits, college navigation) for success in college and in life.

One-on-one advising allows students to discuss successes and difficulties in their lives with a caring professional. Students build strong bonds with their advisors over four years of mentoring and learn to be reflective and intentional about their goals and their life.

Adventure Challenge Experiences
Students go on two adventure challenge trips during their first two years in the program and participate in adventure activities (ropes courses, team-building, etc.) throughout all four years.

College Awareness & Readiness
In the 9th grade, students learn about college knowledge and college literacy (deciphering the language of college), and then progress into the college planning and admissions processes from there. Students go on college visits in every year of the program.

Each student completes two real-world internships during their time in the program that helps them to explore career and college goals as well as to develop skills and confidence in a work environment.

These activities center on leadership, social awareness, team-building and college readiness. Students help to plan and lead these workshops as well. Recent topics include time management, self-advocacy, gender roles, healthy relationships, and public speaking. These workshops are designed to help our students gain confidence and build character. 

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